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By THL JAML5 BAYNL CO., Grand Rapids, Mich., U. 5. A, 

Publishers of Illustrated Souvenirs of all principal points of 
interest in Canada and the United States 


Alberta, or the Land of Sunshine is fast becoming a very important Province of the Dominion. Extending 
700 miles northward from the international boundary line, with an average width of 280 miles, and has an area of 
250,000 square miles, and the population is increasing by leaps and bounds. 

Possibly no Province of the Dominion has such varied wealth in resources and scenery. In the south we 
have the vast stretch of prairie country extending into the mountains, including the world wide famed summer 
resort at Banff, while the north is more rolling and wooded. 

Here is the home of the rancher, with his thousands of horses, cattle and sheep grazing upon its fertile 
plains. The tiller of the soil is here making Alberta famous for the production of winter wheat, while oats and 
barley are very prolific. 

In many portions of the Province the finest quality of soft and hard coal is being mined. 

The oil fields of Southern Alberta are pronounced as being of great productive value. 

The beet sugar industry is destined to become, as it has already become, of vast importance, while natural 
gas is being discovered in all parts of the Province. 

The things of former years have passed away. The old trading posts have become centers of commerce 
and manufacture; the solitary plain has become the home of the prosperous farmer; the war-whoop of the Indian 
has been changed into the whistle of the steam plow and the thresher. 

The waters abound with wild duck, the flowing streams with fish and the plains with prairie chicken for 
the sportsman. Altogether Alberta has a great future. 

Indian 5un Dance, Making a Brave. 5ee Illustration. 

It is nearly twenty years since the last brave was made. The object was the dedication of the brave's body 
to the sun, one of the highest objects of worship. The breast was prepared by Indian medicine men, after which 
small bone skewers were inserted through the breasts and fastened by sinew and cords to the rope which hung from 
the medicine pole, the center the sun dance or medicine lodge. When all was ready and orations made and 
prayers offered, the tom-toms were beaten by the medicine men and the wild chanting began, which increased in 
intensity, during which the young brave danced round and round the pole until, worked into a state of frenzy, he 
threw himself back, tearing his breast free from the rope, fell fainting to the ground where he was attended by the 
medicine men, who as soon as the brave recovered escorted him to the seat of honor. 

Sutfar Beet Field, Raymond District 

Raymond Mills Elevator 

Beet Sugar Factory 

Interior Sugar Factory, Raymond 

Views of Lithbridge 

Lithbridge Coal Mines 

Sample of Alberta Oat Crops, Lithbridge District 

Lithbridge District 

Court House, Macleod 

A Business Block, High River 

Merchants Bank, Lacombe 

Wheat Field, Central Alberta 

The High River District 

Woolen Mills. Medicine Hat 

Town Hall, Medicine Hat 

General View, Medicine Hat 

Sheep Ranch. 

Medicine Hat 

Cattle Ranch, Calgary District 

Cattle Roundup, Cochrane District 

Eighth Avenue. Looking West, Calgary 

Burns Block, Calgary 

Eighth Ave., Looking East, Calgary 

Methodist Church, Calgary 

Central School, Calgary P. Burn's Residence, Calgary 

McDotfall Block, Calgary Alexandra School, Wetaskiwin 

Cattle Ranch, Olds District 

Business Blocks, Red Deer 

An Annual Roundup of Horses, Alberta 

Jasper Avenue, Looking East, Edmonton 

Public School, Edmonton Alberta Hotel. Edmonton 

Edmonton from South of River 

Bank of Montreal, Edmonton 

Presbyterian Church 


Cattle Ranches, Northern Alberta 

The Bow Valley, Banft 

Cascade Mountains from Sanitarium, Banff 

C. p. R. Hotel. Banff 

IVIount Rundle, Banft 

Buffalo National Park, Banff, Alberta 

Copyris-fit by J, A. Cockburn 

Indian Sun Dance — Making a Brave 

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